Unless you've been asleep this week, you know that the weather has allowed Southwest Oklahoma and Lawton to play host to hundreds of storm chasers in the last few days. It all started last Sunday with our first October tornado in a while, and the action lasted through to Wednesday morning.

Naturally, as most of these storm chasers make a living through employment with various news and government agencies, some earn their living by sharing their experiences through YouTube.

Meet storm chaser Aaron Jayjack. His content is primarily built on the topic of severe weather throughout the United States... Tornadoes, flooding, hurricanes, etc... but he also has a ton of food reviews too. If you made videos for a living, why not review the foods you find on the road? While he was in Lawton, and I'm just guessing it was before the storms took off on Sunday, he popped into one of Lawton's most argued taco spots to try the grub. Salas Urban Cantina.

If you live or spend enough time here in Lawton, you already know Salas Urban Cantina is one of the most contested taco spots through word-of-mouth opinion. Much like the OU Sooners, those that love Salas absolutely rave about how great their food is, and those that don't feel that love usually take every opportunity to drive it into the ground. It's one of those places that has no in-between... People tend to either love it or hate it.

Aaron - AKA - A-A-Ron orders up the house specialty street tacos, sits back in his car, and has the most menial words to say about his experience. I think it's fair to offer a disclaimer that his experience wasn't ideal, at a table with hot fresh dishes plopped down in front of him the moment they came out of the kitchen, but the parking lot isn't too far away I suppose.

Throughout his experience, Salas scored fairly level across the board of dishes, even if the average was "barely passing" in one storm chasers opinion. Being a Lawton original, I'd like to hop in and defend one of our local joints... but I'll be honest with you, I've never sampled Salas personally. I never even had the chance to eat at the original down on 2nd and Lee. We live on the Westside so when dinner swings around, we rarely eat anywhere beyond Sheridan and Cache just out of habit.

What do you think? Do you think Salas street tacos deserve a C-average grade across the board?

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