If all were right with the world, Sam Hunt would be spending the month of September smack-dab in the middle of his now-cancelled Southside Tour, bringing the addictive music that makes up his second album Southside live to his loyal fandom.

But, as you know, there is a pandemic going on. So, instead, the Grammy-nominated artist has spent a majority of the year laying low.

Of course, he is not doing this alone; he has been hunkered down with wife Hannah Lee Fowler for the past six months at their Nashville home. And while forced to shelter in place, he has been making good use of the time, seeking his better half's opinions on the music he continues to work on.

"I run everything by her and make sure to get her sign-off,” Hunt tells People in a new interview. “I'm not sure that I'm honest to the point that I need to run it by anybody other than my wife. She's really big on authenticity, so sometimes I can get a little too big for my britches and write songs that are outside of my character. Not only my literal character, but even the character I might be able to pull off in a song. She cares to keep me honest when it comes to that as well, even when she's not involved in the song."

And when Fowler can sense that Hunt isn’t being completely truthful, she will tell him.

"If I'm trying to do too much or getting out of my lane, she's like, 'Nah, you can't go there, you need to dial it back in,'" explains the multiplatinum-selling star, who claimed his seventh career No. 1 with “Hard To Forget" back in July.

While Hunt and his beautiful wife have an understanding when it comes to music, they are also still learning to understand so much more about one another as a married couple.

"We've grown a lot, and we've had a lot of great conversations because there's nothing else to do but talk," Hunt says of the silver lining of quarantine. "We've worked a lot of things out that we've brushed under the rug, so that's been great."

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