The Green Dot Card is a reloadable, prepaid card you can pick up at grocery stores, big box stores and others.  It's also a part of a huge number of scams that are sweeping the country and, most recently, in Lawton.

The City of Lawton has received reports of calls to residents where scammers pose as employees from the city water department.  The scammer says the resident's water is being shut off today unless the customer can make an immediate payment.  The scammer convinces the resident they cannot do this at the water department or with a credit card since the money won't post fast enough to keep the water from turning off.  Instead, the scammer tells the resident to get a Green Dot Card with a certain amount loaded and then to call a special number with the info from the card.

The resident believes they've taken care of the problem.  The scammer is now shopping on Amazon to pick out a new iWatch and the water keeps flowing.

Green Dot Cards are legit and the use of them helps people all the time.  They are, however, now most synonymous with scams.

Each time we talk about a scam we give the same warning:  your government is not going to call you like a credit card company would.  If your water is going to be shut off, you'll know because they will mail you official things with big red letters or something similar on it.  Never give anyone money over the phone unless you are 100% sure of to whom you are speaking.

If you believe they might be legit.  Tell them you will call them back.  THEN:  look up the number in the phone book or on your latest legit statement.  You'll pretty quickly find out you are being targeted.

Finally, these scams work with people who are vulnerable so if you have friends or family who you believe might fall for something like this -- share this post with them and make sure they understand to keep their guard up.

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