Scam Alert- Fake Calls From Police With Arrest Warrants!
BEWARE. There's a new, or a new spin on a recent scam making the rounds in Lawton, Fort Sill. Whatever you do DON'T FALL FOR IT. It's very similar to the scam we reported several months ago where you'd receive a random call from an unknown number. The person on the phone tells y…
Lady Scamming People in a Parking Lot for Gas Money Gets Busted!
There's a lot of people scamming others out of their hard earned cash, especially around this time of year. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of people who could genuinely use some help and are honest about their situation. On the other hand you have people like this lady who scam people…
12 Scams Of Christmas
The Better Business Bureau and McAfee warn ... 'Tis the season for holiday scams. Here's their list of the 12 Scams of Christmas: