For the time being at least, it seems as if the sands of late night have ceased their shifting, with Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon firmly settled into David Letterman and Jay Leno’s old jobs, while Trevor Noah and Larry Wilmore lead Comedy Central Daily and Nightly, and Seth Meyers will be staying in place as well. Per NBC, the former SNL writer and current Late Night host will stick with his current posting for at least another five years.

Meyers will remain with Late Night through at least 2021 under his current contract with NBC, as announced by network boss Bob Greenblatt at the TCA press tour. The post had been abdicated from Fallon to Meyers in 2014, while the man himself said of the renewal:

I can’t thank NBC enough for continuing to support our show and this more than makes up for my disappointment in not getting cast in ‘The Wiz.’

Added NBC:

As a writer, performer and host, Seth has a rich history at NBC and we are thrilled that he’ll be at the helm of ‘Late Night’ for many more years. His knowledge of both current events and pop culture is unparalleled and he brings that expertise to ‘Late Night’ every night. The show couldn’t be in better hands.

Not only that, but Meyers will apparently host a special for New Year’s Eve 2016, a 10:00 P.M. primetime special looking back on the events of the year. 2021 is quite a ways away, but are we glad to have Meyers sticking with Late Night for so long?

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