Canada-born, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Shantaia finds perspective on a breakup in "Hung Over You," a song that juxtaposes the fun distractions of a night out on the town with the sober, lonely morning after that follows.

The "sad girl bop" format lends itself perfectly to the song's subject matter, and for the video treatment for "Hung Over You," Shantaia portrays both sides of her heartache: In some scenes, she's at home alone in bed, empty liquor bottles from the night before scattered around the room. Other scenes in the music video tell a very different story, following the singer through a night out with friends, drink in her hand, bopping along to a performance on a bar stage.

In the bridge of the song, Shantaia's acting skills truly come into play as her drunk self has a moment of realization, noticing for the first time that she's the one performing onstage. That moment sets the "Hung Over You" video apart from any other music video filmed at a bar, and provides a fun twist that the singer dreamed up with help from director Ryan Nolan.

"One of the most fun videos I've ever shot!" Shantaia gushes about the clip. "My director, Ryan Nolan, had the idea to show me in two locations, or moods. One where I'm at home sad and heartbroken, and in the chorus I've kind of 'teleported' to my bar self, where I'm masking my heartbreak with all of my bad habits.

"In the bridge of the song, Shantaia realizes she's watching herself onstage," the singer continues. "Which is hilarious and was so fun to see come together! We were trying to emulate this, 'Wow, I must be really drunk if I'm watching my own show right now,' moment and I think Ryan absolutely nailed it!"

Shantaia's "Hung Over You" follows her single "Broke to Brand New," which made it into the Top 40 at Canadian country radio. Fans also might have seen her sharing a stage with artists including Kane Brown, Chris Lane, Ryan Hurd and more.

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