It's a blast from the past! Get ready for one of the coolest retro renovations in the Sooner State that will take you back to the 1950s. The Tee Pee Drive-In is located on historic Route 66 in Sapulpa, OK. and is being completely rebuilt, remodeled, and rejuvenated. Once finished the drive-in will reopen to the public. Not only will they be showing great current and classic movies, but they'll also be hosting concerts and other events!


But that's not all, it gets even better and more retro! Not only are the new owners rebuilding the old drive-in, but they're also renovating several classic Spartan mobile trailers that will be on the property and available to rent. So you can actually stay the night at the drive-in, how cool is that? These trailers look absolutely amazing too, they're completely remodeled and updated, but keep all their 1950s retro style and charm.

Hit Play on the video below to learn more about the renovation of the old Tee Pee Drive-In

If you've never been to a drive-in movie before, you definitely have to go. It's a completely different experience than going to the theater and in my opinion a TON more fun for young and old alike. If you grew up and went to the drive-in movies you can relive some of those great old memories, or start new memories if you've never had the opportunity to go. As a kid, I loved the drive-in and always looked forward to going.


Sadly throughout the years more and more of these drive-ins have closed. The Tee Pee Drive-In was shut down years ago, around the early 2000s sometime. It remained abandoned for well over 20 years until the new owners decided to breathe life back into it. No small project as the years weren't kind to the old drive-in as it fell into disrepair. The entire property and structures are currently being totally reconstructed.

Prior to the renovation, the Tee Pee Drive-In was abandoned for years watch the video

The video above will one day serve as a 'before and after' of the Tee Pee Drive-In. Right now there isn't an exact date as to when they expect to reopen. The last word we've heard is sometime in spring 2023. It could be sooner, but hopefully not later. Again this is a HUGE undertaking and I'm sure very, very expensive. I first heard about the Tee Pee Drive-In reopening last year but just recently saw an update on the progress.


It's really starting to take shape and the new and improved Tee Pee Drive-In looks incredible. Like the drive-ins of the past, it will have concession stands, a playground for the kids, restroom facilities, and of course a GIGANTIC MOVIE SCREEN! It's not just any old screen, it's a 3-D screen! That's right you'll be able to watch 3-D movies at the Tee Pee Drive-In. I can't wait to make the trip to Sapulpa and check it out for myself.

Hit play on the video below for more on the soon-to-reopen Tee Pee Drive-In

Plus with it being on Route 66 there are all kinds of stops to make and roadside attractions along the way. I'm already planning a retro weekend getaway with the family once it reopens. We'll hit all the tourist stops and then some! A great staycation or quick weekend trip that won't break the bank. Plus it's a really quick trip from Lawton, Fort Sill about two and a half hours away. We might break it up some and stay in OKC.

To stay up to date with everything that's going on with the Tee Pee Drive-In check out their official Facebook page. You can also visit the official website. Looking forward to the grand opening. I'm thinking that once the drive-in is reopened the family and I will first hit the Classen Inn in OKC for an overnight stay then head to Sapulpa and book a stay at the Tee Pee Drive-In for a full retro staycation weekend getaway. Check out the photo gallery below for more details on the 1960s retro motor inn, the Classen In OKC below.

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