Halloween Hotties
This one's for the guys. OK, what ghoulish lady for TV and the movies is hotter. Lilly Munster, as played by Yvonne DiCarlo, from The Munsters, Morticia Addams, as portrayed by Carolyn Jones, from the Addams Family or Elvira, Mistress of the Dark?
Paranormal Activity Not Over With 'The Marked Ones'
Well it's Halloween and normally around this time of year and in fact if memory serves me correctly, a new Paranormal Activity movie should be getting ready to come in theaters this weekend or next week. Well there is no new movie coming out in time for Halloween, so movie-goers will have to fi…
Summer Movies – Which Ones Bring Back Memories?
Kurt Hutton/Picture Post/Getty ImagesSummertime and the movies. They go hand in hand just as much as peanut butter and jelly. There have been so many movies over the years that are released in the summertime which has given and will continue to give people the opportunity to make even more memo…

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