We're still a little miffed that we have to pay for the privilege of saving our world, but we'll do what it takes and you should, too.

It's time to sign up for the City of Lawton Recycling Program.  Instead of charging everyone who doesn't recycle, you will be charged $7.00 in your utility bill for the honor of recycling . . . but the benefits are worth the additional cost.  So, we're asking everyone who can afford it to sign up for recycling.  Just click the image to be taken to the city's sign up page:

Here's what you need to know about doing the right thing:

Residential Accounts Only:  and no apartments.  So, you need to live in a house or a duplex to take advantage.

There's a Minimum and a Maximum:  The city can't start until 5,000 households sign up . . . but they can't accept more than 8,500 residents in this first round.

You'll Get A Pretty New Cart:  these stylish 95-gallon blue recycle carts will be provided to you and you can throw anything that can be recycled in the cart (plastic, metals, paper, cardboard).

Things You Can't Recycle:  Wax-coated paper, plastic and foil packaging, plastic straws, plastic cups or plates, paper towels or toilet paper, plastic bags (sigh....), glass bottles containers or dishes, plastic and Styrofoam food containers.

Things You CAN Recycle:  #1-#7 Plastic (look on the bottom of the thing to see), box board and chipboard, telephone books, newspapers, aluminum cans, steel and tin containers, corrugated cardboard and mixed paper (think magazines).