I was super excited to see live music back at the Apache Casino Hotel with one of my very favorite 90's Country groups, Little Texas!  Lots and lots of memories attached to their music, and like most of the crowd, my bestie and I sang just about every word to every song they performed.Three of 4 original members of the group were in attendance for the show, with only Del Gray, the drummer, missing in action. They explained that he had a medical emergency come up, but had a back up drummer, so all was good.  The other original members included Dwayne O'Brien, Porter Howell, and Duane Propes.  This is where my question comes from.  Duane Propes performed the entire show with no shoes.  I mentioned it to my friends and one of them said that musicians like to go barefoot, especially bass players, because they can feel the music with their feet.  Now, I'm usually a girl that believes everything that anyone tells me, because why would anyone lie...


But, on second thought, I thought I'd dig a little bit deeper to see if Propes was the only Bass guitarist that goes barefoot?  My first stop was a discussion at TalkBass.com.  Ken from Massachusetts said:

I had foot cramps last night after a full day of regular work followed by group practice. I shed my shoes and socks and for the first time ever I played barefoot. Call me crazy, but I felt both looser and more in the groove than ever before.

Another from Michigan:

In my experience as a part-time hippie, I'll attest to the wonders of barefootedness. Not so much for the tuxedo gigs, unfortunately.

 And this:
I ALWAYS have to be barefoot when playing. Or else I just feel too grounded, never open, can't really catch grooves with shoes. I dunno what it is.
Maybe it is just bass players.  But I still wasn't convinced, so I did just one more search and landed on a reddit post, 'Why do some of you play shoeless on stage?' While some of these answers are clearly for the comedic effect, I do believe that a bunch of musicians do actually prefer to go barefoot on stage! Here are some of the reddit comments:

To twist knobs with my toes cause with shoes it’s harder to control pedals

Feels more connected to the room.

because we spent all our money on our gear and cant afford them .

pls come to our concert and buy tickets so we can get shoes. k thanks.

Seems like a very straight forward and obvious answer. Some people don’t like wearing shoes. It’s uncomfortable. You should always be as comfortable as you can when playing a show. The end.

Exactly! That's why I always play in my nightshirt and the most perforated boxer briefs I can find, so the boys get plenty of fresh air whilst I dispense my tasty jamz. Comfort > Showmanship any day of the week, baby!


Whatever reason Duane Propes from Little Texas gives, I'm totally not hating him for it!  The show was like a step back into the 90's, and having live music in Lawton was the greatest prize!

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