Someone is getting blown up right now with Chewbacca sounds and they probably don't know why.

Who doesn't love a harmless prank? Granted, this one will get annoying QUICK. This is a flyer from up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They're apparently all over the town. I am going to be kind enough to NOT put their number on our website. If you want to go through the hassle of finding this in Oklahoma, good luck (I left the area code so you know it's legit).


Basically, this an internet prank from a few years ago where someone is looking for the best Chewbacca roar? Growl? What the hell sound does Chewbacca make? Whatever it is, call this number and leave a voicemail. The best one will be contacted and you could receive $500. I tried to call the number in Oklahoma and I did get a voicemail. It was some electrician, who I am sure is in a salty mood right now.

Above is a perfect example of the prank. A guy got back at his ex by posting her number for this Chewbacca contest. Which is all in good fun, but he also left a car blocking her driveway with no tires, that's a d*** move my man.


Hopefully the force is strong with this guy in Tulsa today. Hopefully he finds a way to get back at whoever did this to him because having your phone ring nonstop all day with Chewbacca roars would have all of us going insane.

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