Someone got some serious air the other day.

This is pretty crazy over in Lakeside City. Longo Landscape has an old 18 wheeler trailer they use for advertising. Basically, it's their own billboard on the side of Highway 79. Someone has hopped the curb and drove through the freaking trailer on Friday night.

It's pretty awesome I found out about it today considering that today is 42nd anniversary of 'The Dukes of Hazzard' premiering. I guess we got some Duke boys up there in Lakeside City causing some trouble. Longo Landscape is planning on getting rid of the trailer, but I say keep it. Let us all drive by it and remember the time someone got to live out their dreams.


We all have wanted to jump our car, but we know we would most likely ruin our vehicle if we did that. Now if only someone had video from this night. That would be some footage we would all want to see.

Maybe Longo can do like a Dukes of Hazzard sale or something right now. Knock a hole through your bill with discounts at Longo? These are golden ticket ideas here. We need to turn a negative into a positive. Now if only we could confirm this was an old school Dodge Charger, it would make this story even better. I'll even settle for a new Dodge Charger with orange paint.

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