ice cream

Is the McDonald’s Ice Cream Machine Working or Not?
While it may, or may not be the perfect time or weather for a frosty, frozen, flavorful treat at McDonald's like a soft serve ice cream, milk shake or a McFlurry, it soon will be. You can bet in a few short weeks it'll warm up and we'll all be in line at McDonald's looking to pla…
11 Kids Who Can’t Get Enough of Ice Cream
Raise your hand if you love summer. We're assuming there was just a collective "aww yeah!" among you, because seriously-- who doesn't enjoy lemonade and Slip N' Slides and hanging your head out the window? But we can't forget the tastiest way to celebrate the se…
Cute Kid Defies Sleep for Ice Cream Cone
When sleep strikes a child, it can do so at the most inopportune time, even in the middle of a tasty snack. But the adorable kid in this video doesn’t let that stop him as he snoozes and noshes on an ice cream cone at the same time.