Taylor Swift is asking fans to ‘Speak Now’ on August 13, with the singer taking to her official YouTube channel to talk directly with her legion of loyal followers in real-time for the unique fan interaction. And, she’s got some news to share.

“Hey, it’s Taylor. So, I really want to talk to you about something…” the 22-year-old singer starts in a video announcing the chat. “I would love it if you would join me August 13 for a live web chat. You can ask questions, I want to share some news with you… some really cool news… Not going to go into it too much, but it’s cool!”

The likely topic of conversation? The release date of her yet-to-be-titled fourth studio album, which is supposed to be coming in late 2012. Swift has remained rather quiet about the highly-anticipated project — despite its fast-approaching release — but lately has been teasing her fans, implying that she’s ready to unveil a big announcement.

While we know some about Swift’s new album, much of it is speculation and running away with little tidbits she has provided since the release of her 2010 album.

In an interview last fall, Swift revealed that the songs she’s penned for the project are “sad” in nature. Though the accomplished lyricist claimed sole songwriting credits on her successful ‘Speak Now’ album, the superstar has reached out to a handful of top notch musicians for the new project. Among the rumored collaborators are British rocker Ed Sheeran and Foster the People frontman Mark Foster, as well as pop producers Dan Wilson (Adele) and Butch Walker (P!nk). Nathan Chapman, the producer mastermind behind Swift’s first three multi-platinum albums, will also be featured on the collection.

Another potential topic of conversation? Swift’s budding romance with Conor Kennedy, the 18-year-old grandson of the late Robert F. Kennedy. Though she is forever mum when it comes to her personal life, photographic proof of the two lovebirds has surfaced on the internet. It is reported that Kennedy’s family is ecstatic about the couple, who have been playfully referred to as ‘TaCo.’

For the YouTube chat, Swift is encouraging fans to submit questions using their own accounts directly during the webcast. Fans hoping to get the gossip straight from Swift’s lips can log onto the singer’s official YouTube channel on Aug. 13 at 7PM ET, or access it via Swift’s website.

Watch Taylor Swift Announce Her Live YouTube Webcast

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