Taylor Swift continues to pack the venues show after show.  She has taken her music in to the top of the charts.  Little girls want to be just like her.  And now little girls and women  alike can enjoy a perfume that has the mystery of a Taylor Swift song.  And actually it does.  The name comes from the lyrics of her song enchanted, in the chorus.

Taylor had a hand (or nose) in the entire process of this perfume.  From her description, it’s a dreamy, autumnal mix that’s the perfect complement to the cooling weather and colder seasons.   She sniffed many different samples  offering her approval, or displeasure simply by the look on her face.  Swift was clearly engaged by the process of creating her own perfume.

You can find her perfume Wonderstruck at fine department stores and just in time for Christmas.  Will make  a great a stocking stuffer.

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