This morning Frank and I were talking about the fact that today is Fragrance Day.  Where do they come up with these "events"?  We don't make this stuff up!  I started to think about all the different colognes and how some people wear their cologne or perfume very well, others, not so much.

According to "A good cologne will make people notice you.  A bad cologne will do the same thing!"

My mother always told me that perfume was an 'intimate thing' that only those closest to you should be able to smell it.  I have worn the same perfume since it came out in 1978.  It is Anais Anais by Cacharel.  Unfortunately, all my favorite department stores stopped carrying it a few years ago.  I have tried lots of other perfumes; inexpensive, expensive, it doesn't matter they all make me itch!

So this morning after talking about perfume I decided to Google my perfume and THERE IT WAS!  I found it online and ordered it, the largest bottle I could find!  Now I can't wait to get it in the mail.

We did more research and we found out that a lot of our favorite country stars for example Faith Hill, Taylor Swift and Keith Urban have their own perfume lines! Will you buy a perfume designed by a country star? Take our poll!

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