Oklahoma's Darci Lynne charmed the nation and won America's Got Talent with her ventriloquist act. Now she's transitioning into a music career!

In 2017, Darci Lynne from from Oklahoma City, wowed the judges and the nation with her ventriloquist act and went on to win America's Got Talent season 12. Now, she's getting ready to release a new single in February called "Push Our Luck."

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Darci Lynne has come a long way since winning America's Got Talent in 2017! She continues with her ventriloquist act. She recently returned to America's Got Talent for America's Got Talent Fantasy League.

She has also pursued acting and has a Netflix movie, "A Cowgirl's Song," plus an accompanying soundtrack out.

And while still growing up in Oklahoma, she just graduated high school from Deer Creek High School in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Darci Lynne to release new single!

And now she's getting ready to release her new single, "Push Our Luck." This week, she announced on her social media pages that her single will come out on Feb. 5 this year and it's already available on all streaming platforms to pre-save.

Singing is not far off from her ventriloquist act that shot her to fame. But now she won't be singing for a puppet. And she's been singing on her own for a while now by playing small shows and on social media. Her TikTok has amassed 4.8 million followers, and some of her most popular videos are of her singing. Her latest singing video is a preview of her new single! Check it out below.

@itsdarcilynneYOU GUYS!!!!!! I'm so excited to share this song with you. You can pre-save 'Push Our Luck' now. Release is 02-05-24 ✨♬ original sound - Darci Lynne

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