Aledo High School football coach Tim Buchanan has been accused of bullying, but it's not the sort of bullying you might think.

No, he's not been accused of bullying one of his players; he and his entire team are being accused of bullying an opposing team-on the field-by winning and winning big.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Because undefeated Aledo put a major whoop on fellow 4A Western Hills High, a parent has filed a bullying complaint.  According to an Associated Press article, the complaint must be investigated under state law. Thanks, Texas Legislature for yet another overly-broad law that will cost time, money and grief for absolutely no good reason whatsoever.  You Austin politicians just seem to excel in that area.

According to, during last Friday's game, Coach Buchanan benched his starters after only 21 plays, played a conservative ground game and even went so far as to allow the clock to run uninterrupted after halftime to speed things along. Even with those efforts, the Bearcats won 91-0.

Blowout games aren't unheard of. Wichita Falls own Hirschi Huskies, considered the underdogs by many, have had two incredible games this year: a 70-9 win over Holiday and a 68-0 win over Mineral Wells. Were they bullies on the field? Of course not. Hirschi's got a good team and good coaching and it shows. How about Graham's 55-0 win over Bridgeport? Too much?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no 'mercy rule' for 11-man football.  The UIL does have such a rule for 6-man, which states that a game is called when a team is 'up by 45 points or more' at the half.  Coach's for 11-man can opt to call games if both teams coach's agree to do so, but why should they?  If the players are willing to fight it out on the field no matter what the score, let them have at it!

Aledo Principal Dan Peterson is completing a report on the complaint, which will then be submitted to the father who filed the complaint, Western Hills staff and UIL officials.  So far, a district investigation says 'bullying' was not a factor. Perhaps we've taken the whole anti-bullying ideology a bit too far?

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