Let the feast begin!

I got to be honest, I'm actually pretty cool with most of my ex girlfriends. However, I do have one that I cannot stand. Whenever someone brings her up, my skin crawls just a little bit. If you have an ex like that and need to get some frustration out. Hit up the San Antonio Zoo website for their 'Cry me a Cockroach' fundraiser.

For five bucks, they will name a cockroach after your ex and put it into a habit that loves insects. I know meerkats love cockroaches. Actually, I'm just using knowledge that I learned from "The Lion King' on that one.


Maybe you REALLY hate your ex and a cockroach just won't do it for you. For $25, you can name a rat after your ex and they will feed it to one of the carnivorous exhibits in the park. Please feed it to a snake and please tell me the snake is named Mitch. Unleash the fury Mitch. UNLEASH THE FURY!

Finally, one last option for you. Maybe you're someone that doesn't want to have the thought of a dead cockroach or rat on your hands. For 2021, you can name some veggies after your ex and they will feed them to the herbivores at the zoo. Last year, the San Antonio Zoo raised $45,000 with this event. We will see how this year's event goes in just a few weeks.

Yeah, don't forget about Valentine's Day or you may end up with a rat named after you next year.

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