Hard to believe that with all of the beer in the world that can be consumed, there are 8, yes 8 beers that Americans are not drinking any more. In no particular order the are as follows.  

Old Milwaukee this flagship brand of the Pabst Brewing company once dominated the beer market. In its heyday it sold 6 million barrels a year now due to marketing by the two beer giants, they barley squeeze out 1/2 million barrels.

Miller Genuine Draft introduced to beer lovers 26 years ago, it is what is considered an unpasteurized beer. Made from the exact same recipe for Miller High Life except for the post brewing, cod filtered making it a draft beer. Peaking at 7.1 million barrels with in 6 years of introduction down now to a quarter of that at 1.8 million barrels a year.

Bud Select this beer was introduce when people were counting calories while they drank beer. It was Anheuser Busch’s answer (or they thought) to the problem of too many calories. Boasting a mere 99 calories per serving it came out of the gate strong but sales have gone down hill since.

Michelob first brewed by Adolphus Busch, the founder of Anheuser Busch in 1896. When Anheuser Busch needed a a beer to go head to head with Heineken in the 1970's, this beer stood tall. But time took its tool and it barely sold 175,000 barrels last year.

Michelob Light this was the beer that Anheuser Busch presented to the world as their answer to the ever growing popularity of Miller Lite. But it was a little too late. They could not compete in a market that was already dominated and the other guys had a strong hold on. Since 1994 sales are way off and they only mustered a 1/2 million barrels last year.

Milwaukee’s Best Light introduced in 1986 as the "lighter" version of Milwaukee's Best, it was herald as the beer "brewed for a crisp, full taste." But the years have pushed it aside to make room for big brother Miller Light and it's rival Bud Light. Only 1.3 million barrels were sold last year.

Milwaukee’s Best is one of the best economy beers in the Miller family of beers. It is named with Milwaukee to capitalize on the fact it used to be the brewing capitol of the world. And at it's height it sold 7 million barrels a year. But like Pabst and Keystone, it now is down towards the bottom and sold jus under a million barrels last year.

And the one that really surprises me is Budweiser. The self-proclaimed “king of beers" has been around since our country was only 100 years old. The company still considers it to be "The Great American Larger" even though they are owned by Belgium company InBev. Yes, it was the king of beers until it was dethroned by it's kid brother Bud Light 10 years ago. As it is on this list you would think that its sales are down. Yes but only to the tune of 18 million barrels a year. That is still a lot of barley malt, rice, water, hops and yeast. It is lagered with beechwood chips in the aging vessel which, according to Anheuser-Busch, creates a smoother taste.

So is your beer on the list? If it is are you going to ensure it does not drop off for good?