The king of the sleepers is back on the streets of OKC, hail to the king baby! Farmtruck and AZN got in some test hits recently as they prepare for the upcoming season of Street Outlaws. I can't wait to see the 405 back in action and the Farmtruck fishin' and battling on the list. I love this truck and it's great to see it back!

While I enjoy all the other Street Outlaw shows nothing comares to the original 405 crew. It's been forever since we've seen them, at least new episodes anyway. If you've been on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram I'm sure you've heard the glorious news that an all new season of the 405 is headed our way. They just got done with all the racing a few weeks ago and filming has wrapped up. Not too sure exactly when the new season will start but we'll definitely keep you posted.

The Farmtruck has been in quarantine for the past several months at Church Boys Racing in Ohio but is now back at home in Oklahoma City and lookin' to race. Not too sure what all they did to the truck during the downtime but I'm sure we'll be seeing it soon enough. In the meantime Farmtruck and AZN have their own show on Discovery Channel that showcases all their hijinks and shenanigans so you can get your fill until Street Outlaws returns. I keep seeing everyone from the 405 online doing testing and we've even seen some racing sneak peeks. I can't wait for the new season!

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