Nashville’s Kate Hasting Band are premiering their new song “Can’t Get Enough” exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen.

Powered by Hasting’s powerful vocals and a pulsing backbeat, “Can’t Get Enough” is, as the band says, more upbeat than their usual offerings -- and that's what makes it so fun.

"Our songs usually have this underlying theme of nostalgia, but not "Can’t Get Enough,'" Hasting tells The Boot. "I think it shows diversity in our writing and what’s to come with the band in the future.”

Hasting credits her bandmate Josh Beale for the sonic elements of "Can't Get Enough," which represent an evolution in the duo’s sound.

“The thing that sticks out for me about how this song turned out is the music. It’s really a showcase of Josh’s brain and his musical ability. I am lyrically driven, and he’s musically motivated. It makes us a strong team,” Hasting explains. “I think this song turns the spotlight on Josh’s strengths. It’s a fun listen.”

Together, Hasting and Beale have been working for years to hone in on what, exactly, their sound is, alongside collaborators such as frequent writing partner Pam Tillis.

"As much as you continue to grow and evolve as an artist, this group of songs is a milestone for us: It showcases the sound we've been looking for, the musical identity we've been working toward for years,” says Beale. “It's something I'm immensely proud to show the world."

“Can’t Get Enough” is the title track of the Kate Hasting Band’s forthcoming EP, set for release on Oct. 20.

Listen to Kate Hasting Band, "Can't Get Enough":

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