Time to mow the lawn.  Yes, the spring ritual that has once again caused men from all walks of life to get out their lawn tools and to have fun working on them and making noise. 

When you look at the size of your lawn, you automatically dream of having just the right size equipment to take care of it. You would not have a push mower for 10 acres nor would you have a riding lawn mower for a town house in which you are in the middle.

But if you do have a large lawn, I would like to introduce you to the Rolls Royce of all lawn mowers. The John Deere X758. This mower seems like just what every man needs for total lawn maintenance.  Complete with a powerful 3-cylinder diesel engine that provides “extra torque and durability,” according to Deere.

In addition, you will get 4 wheel drive. A necessity for those who have a mountain of a lawn to cut. Tilt steering, cruise control, cup holders and a port to plug your cell phone into - well we all know how important it is to stay connected while mowing the lawn.  Is there a law against texting and mowing?

Available in 3 cutting sizes so you can determine how long it will take you to finish the job.  Oh, don't forget the extended service plan and for good measure there is a snow blower attachment.  So how much is this gem going to set you back?

On the low end, about $13,400 and on the high end $17,000. So when you look at your lawn equipment tonight or by this weekend, step back and ask yourself did I get as much as I paid for?  Is it worth as much as it looks?

I know now I will not complain for paying over $2200 for my lawn tractor form another company. It has served me and my son well now for 7 years and looks like we can get another seven or eight out of it. At that point I will have to make a decision on how to proceeded with a new mower.


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