Let's start this story off here. On the first Thursday of each month, the LFS Chamber of Commerce hosts an event called 3 Mile Thursday. It's where many members of the community gather at the YMCA, then walk/jog/run a three mile course through downtown Lawton. They do this every single month.

As the summer has set in, and the temperatures soar, the dedication to this event is at an all time high for those who still participate. This was more true during Augusts run.

On August 6th, the temperature recorded at Fort Sill was 102.7 degrees, with a grueling heat index near 110. As we all know, as the afternoon turns into evening, the temps don't exactly cool much. These pictures were taken around 6pm or so. It was still hot.

My truck still managed to read a 107 outside temp in the shade of the downtown Methodist church.


Now, several businesses along the three mile route had water tables set up to keep these dedicated runners hydrated, but there was one standout. The LFD Central Fire Station.


But that's not the end of the story... Not only were they handing out plenty of cool, replenishing liquids, they set up their own little surprise in true LFS style... A cool refreshing shower of awesome for any runner who wanted it.


That, in my opinion, was over the top 'above and beyond' cool service to our community.

This is outright one of the coolest things I've ever seen. And the fact they haven't received any publicity for their actions is a shame.

You should share this. Let it be known. Our firefighters in Lawton are awesome.

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