The Oklahoma annual Azalea Festival is coming up next month in April. The event takes place every year in Muskogee, Oklahoma at Honor Heights Park. You'll have the entire month of April to enjoy the event, all the flowers and incredible landscapes. I've never had the opportunity to go so I think this will be the year the family and I make the trip. I've seen tons of pictures of the festival and of all the flowers. I know a few people who go every year and they always tell me I should go and what a good time it is. I think it's time I went.

It's funny how many great and wonderful events we have in the state and how few of them I've actually been to. There's plenty to see and do and it seems that we have something going on year round in Oklahoma. I'm always hearing about things to do and places to go so this Spring and Summer the family and I are hitting the open road. It's surprising just how many events and festivals we have, a lot of them including the Azalea Festival are attended by people from all over the world. They travel from all over to visit, so considering I live here the very least I could do is drive a few hundred miles and check some of these things out for myself.

Everything I've ever heard or seen about the annual Azalea Festival in Muskogee has been very positive. People are always talking about how beautiful it is and how much they enjoyed it, so I think it's my turn. Although I've never been, I've been told that Honor Heights Park during the festival has over 30,000 Azaleas stretching over 40 acres. There's paths and trails to walk and plenty of sights to see. From flower filled landscapes to wooded areas, ponds, fountains and of course every imaginable type, shape and color of Azalea. With the festival running all April long I'll have plenty of time to head that way. If you're wanting more information about the annual Azalea Festival in Muskogee click here. Then start planning your visit!

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