In Oklahoma City on Monday morning the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics arrested 17 men linked to a Mexican methamphetamine drug cartel responsible for smuggling up to 10 pounds of drugs a week! The bureau is expecting to make even more arrests.

In well-planned and executed operation, agents were serving arrest warrants left and right this morning in the State Capital. The operation started in the wee hours of the morning with agents arresting the smugglers at various locations in the city.

It seems the criminals were dealing all over Oklahoma City, because agents were spotted making the arrests in both NW and SW areas.

I spoke with Lieutenant Larry Cochran who said 'I can't confirm or deny if such an operation will take place here in Lawton.' Cochran also said that the special operation or also known as a round-up, currently underway in Oklahoma City, is where agents question suspects.

Close to 30 arrest warrants were served today, according to the Oklahoman. The agents were targeting drug dealers who were connected to the Mexican drug cartel.

This story is still developing. Keep checking this post for updates.