You know, the best food is always served at a place that has a story. In the case of the oldest restaurant in Texas, Scholz Garten definitely has a story.

Established in 1866, in Austin, Scholz Garten was founded by German immigrant August Scholz and is a favorite stop for many locals and tourists alike.

The menu boasts, pretty much, anything your tummy could ever want, including schnitzel. From BBQ to Cajun to German (and everything in between), you'll never leave hungry.

Next time you're down in the capitol city, swing by Scholz Garten for a brew and a bite. You'll be glad you did.

However, Scholz Garten wasn't always known as the oldest restaurant in Texas. The Stagecoach Inn, established in 1861 in Salado, used to hold the honor of being oldest, but is now closed.

And if you love longstanding Texas establishments, Scholz Garten is also known as the oldest bar in the Lone Star State.

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