Every new television show has its struggles in its first season. The characters are evolving through the episodes finding their true direction, writers experiment with storylines trying to find an angle that can drive the series to success, and it's usually all over the metaphorical map.

Example: The Office Season One... Terrible. Parks & Rec Season One... Also terrible... but both are unanimously epic shows. Reservations Dogs Season One wasn't terrible, but it could have been so much better if it didn't jump around playing emotional parkour so much.

The first few episodes of RD came out of the gate bucking, full of hilarious moments and tragic realism according to people that have reviewed it online. Life is full of ups and downs, Reservation Dogs seems to feed on that in a feast or famine sort of way.

Each episode beyond those first few was either funny or dramatic, but never both. At least that's how I saw it. The writers also busted out individual episodes for each of the main characters to develop their storylines along, that's totally normal if not lacking a clear and concise direction. It's the Friends conundrum...

If you watched the 90s hit Friends at any point in your life, the best episodes are those that involve the whole cast. When they split off storylines, probably due to a lack of fresh ideas, the ratings and overall reception of the show dwindled. That's probably why Seinfeld is still considered the greatest sitcom of all time. All the characters, all the time.

That's not to say that season one of Reservation Dogs wasn't great, it was... It's just that the first season of almost every show is usually the worst in the grand scheme of a Hollywood run. Season two has a lot to live up to and we're all rooting for it.

As the story develops I can only hope, and we get a pretty good tease, that it will give us all more of this guy...

FX Network via YouTube
FX Network via YouTube

He's hilarious and totally stole the first season. More of that indeed.

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