They may not be household names yet, but with an American Music Award nomination and a T Bone Burnett-produced debut album to their credit, the Secret Sisters are on the rise.

The duo — otherwise known as real-life sisters Laura and Lydia Rogers — will compete with Mumford and Sons, the Civil Wars and Jessica Lea Mayfield for Best New/Emerging Artist honors at this year’s AMAs, scheduled for Sunday, November 20. “It’s our first nomination ever for any award, so this one is very exciting,” said Laura Rogers during a recent interview with Taste of Country. “I feel that there’s a lot of really good music in that category. I’m happy that good music is being recognized.”

Added Lydia, “They are such great artists. To be alongside them is just an honor!”

Though they’ve been singing together their whole lives, the Secret Sisters’ professional rise has happened relatively quickly — only a few months after landing a gig with an audition at Nashville’s Indigo Hotel, they had a deal with Universal Republic/Beladroit. “It’s been a crazy ride, but a fun one,” Lydia reflected. “It was a really quick process, and we know it doesn’t usually happen like this for everybody.”

Of course, most new artists don’t get the benefit of having Oscar- and Grammy-winning producer T Bone Burnett behind the boards for their first album — something the Sisters definitely appreciated. “It was more than just the musical knowledge that he gave to us,” observed Laura. “He taught us how to handle our integrity as artists and to be aware of certain things in the industry. He has been very helpful and has opened a lot of doors that we may not have gotten opened on our own.”

The Secret Sisters’ self-titled debut album, released last October, entered the top 30 on Billboard’s Country Albums chart. Their latest single, ‘Tennessee Me,’ was released in March.

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