Every garage should have at least two rolls of duct tape. You need the roll that you always reach for when you need to stick something... and then there's that roll you've had for a decade, that you never use because it's junk, but you're not the type of person to just throw something away. That's every garage I know of, and probably yours.

So which duct tape is the best? Well, if you ask ten people, you'll get ten different answers. Critter's a Gorilla man. He's a true believer in that brand. As you'll see, it's good stuff, but not the overall best. I've always bought 3M because it's affordable enough that if I need more strength or hold, I'll just wrap the crap out of whatever I'm working on. It is also not the best, but at least you'll know what to reach for the next time you win the lottery.