Monday night (May 6) was another brutal night on The Voice, with the Top 13 facing a cut in half yet again. This night had a bit of an interesting twist, as fans chose the songs for each contestant to deliver for America's votes.

Leading the pack was team Blake Shelton's Gyth Rigdon, who enthused about how he's been getting much love from his hometown contingent. "The fans back home in Louisiana have been incredible. I got the key to the city. It inspires me and they support me as much as I support them," he explained.

They also supported him enough to make a savvy move--choosing a song by his own coach. "The fans chose 'Nobody But Me' by me, Blake Shelton," noted Shelton happily. "When I heard Gyth perform this song, I knew the fans made the right decision. Gyth knows how to work the crowd. He can also get intimate. He's a dual threat."

"Dude, I love this song," noted Rigdon, to which Shelton dryly said, "I put this out when I was 27. That's 100 years ago."

Rigdon's performance of the song was straightforward and warmly presented, gaining praise from not only Shelton ("I got to tell you, man, just to see you own the stage like you's unbelievable to me you're basically undiscovered talent. You perform like a veteran up there. It's incredible") but also from coach John Legend, who raved, "I like the way you own the stage."

Coach Adam Levine grumbled, "Song choice could have been better," but it was clear Rigdon staked his claim this evening. Join us tomorrow (May 7) to see if he made the big cut.

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