If you're like most Americans you may have a lot of unpaid medical bills that is doing a lot of damage to your credit rating and finances. The situation has gotten worse, a lot worse. Over the past 2 years with the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an estimated 88 billion dollars worth of medical debt currently on credit reports today. If you were hospitalized or had additional medical expenses due to the Coronavirus you know all too well just how big the medical bills can be and what it does to your credit. Well, we have some good news.

It was just recently announced that Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion will be removing around 70% of unpaid medical bills from individual credit reports. That's some great news! The damage done by medical debt and unpaid bills to people's scores has been tremendous and has created all kinds of financing and interest issues. Honestly, I don't think medical bills and debt should be anywhere on your credit report.

The problem is most hospitals and doctor's offices use third-party collectors and they report to all the credit agencies whenever you have unpaid balances which in turn damages your credit rating and finances. This type of debt isn't something a person did deliberately. It's not like they made a purchase and renigged on it by not making the payments. Now a lot of places overlook medical debt, but some don't. Or a third-party collector places a non-payment on your credit report and it isn't clear that it's medical related.

Due to all the unpaid medical bills and debt it's seriously slowed any and all credit purchases for most people. Either they were denied due to their credit score or the interest rates for less than stellar credit was too high to even consider. Because of this, the credit reporting agencies are removing unpaid medical bills or a lot of it anyway to free up credit and assist with economic recovery. While this is being done primarily to help stimulate the economy a lot of people are still going to benefit from this and have their scores improved.

Funny, Crazy & Unusual Street Names Found in Oklahoma

One thing's for sure, Oklahoma has a ton of funny, unusual, and downright crazy street names. Across the Sooner State in every town, city, and rural community you'll find hilarious streets and roads with some of the most bizarre names you can think of. When they were named, more than likely years ago, I'm sure no one thought they would be considered crazy or funny at the time. Well, times have changed! Now some of these street names had to be deliberately named by someone with a great sense of humor. At least in my opinion anyway. Scroll through the photo gallery to check out some of Oklahoma's funniest and craziest street names. If you know of a funny or crazy street or road name in Oklahoma take a quick photo of the sign and submit it to critter@townsquaremedia.com and we'll include it in the photo gallery below.

The best Lawton, Fort Sill Facebook pages & groups to join, follow & be a part of.

If you just moved here, welcome to Lawton, Fort Sill we're glad you're here. It can be difficult moving and starting up in a new place. Trying to make friends, find things to do, get more information about the town itself, and just get acquainted with all the goings-on. We're here to try and help you out with a list of the best Lawton, Fort Sill Facebook pages and groups you should join, follow and be a part of.

Cheapest Places To Buy Gas In Oklahoma

If you're planning a road trip, you might try to pattern your fueling stops in these places.

Where to Find the many murals by Justin Hackney's Spreading PAINT in Lawton, Fort Sill.

If you've driven around town you've probably seen all the murals we have in Lawton, Fort Sill. If you take the time to look you'll notice that they're everywhere. We're lucky to have so many talented artists that share their work with us regularly by painting murals. One name you've probably heard before is Justin Hackney and Spreading PAINT. His work of masterful murals can be found all over town. He's done some of the very best and has painted everything from rock stars to celebrities and everything in between. He has a style all his own and has painted murals in full color, vivid transposed negative style, and in black and white. Be on the lookout for his latest mural masterpiece he's going to keep painting them so long as people want them and there's wall space. Looking forward to seeing his next one! Check out the gallery below of Justin Hackney's Spreading PAINT murals and where to find them. We'll continue to add to the gallery as he paints them.

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