Ask any man and he'll likely tell you that he has sniper-precision aim in the restroom. It's a matter of personal pride for most, and a totally hidden realization of our secret shame. But, no matter how good we think our aim is, it's no match for the physics of what happens in that porcelain bowl.

Now it's fair to say that this has probably been a very highly contested topic since the lavatory began its journey into the home. Just a hundred years ago, we were still doing our business in a shed in the back yard... But as the male numero uno doesn't require a place to rest our bodies, the world was our toilet. Aim wasn't even a factor as much as penmanship. And like any beautiful thing in this world, it came to an end as we evolved into the modern society of comfortable living. We really do take indoor plumbing for granted.

As you watch this video, men will see a whole new world of reality, and women will most likely get that self-indulgent feeling of "Told you so." But there are newly discovered places in that bowl that will help mitigate the splashy problem science has now officially proven... Take it as a new lesson in the skill-set that is being a man.

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