Oklahoma has more than its fair share of urban legends and hauntings. The Sooner State has a long and rich history of spooky, terrifying tales of the supernatural. Seems almost every county, town, and place you can go to in Oklahoma has some sort of ghost story to tell. As we're fast approaching Halloween now is the time to start picking places to visit if you're into the paranormal. No matter what your flavor, Oklahoma has you covered when it comes to creepy locations and macabre mythology. It's an endless amount of eerie for all.

Over the past several weeks we've been reporting on some of the better-known hauntings and urban legends around S.W. Oklahoma. Some are really close by and only minutes away from Lawton, Fort Sill. If you're brave enough you could take a quick 45 minute trip from Lawton to visit the Tucker Cemetery. One of the most haunted locations in the state. There's the dreaded Parallel Forrest in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge which is only a short 20 minutes away and probably one of the most famous haunts located nearby.

If you're looking for a weekend get-a-way or stay-cation you could head to OKC and book a stay at the most haunted hotel in all of Oklahoma, the Skirvin Hotel. It's been called the most haunted place in the state and has been ranked in the top 5 most haunted places in the U.S. It's just an hour and a half away.

Maybe do a little ghost hunting then hit Bricktown, grab a bite to eat, and even hit a show while you're there. Sounds like a great weekend! Those are just a few of the spooky locations, urban legends, and rumored haunts we have. If you're into that sort of thing here's a list of the top 10 most terrifying Oklahoma urban legends and hauntings you can check out if you're not too scared as we get closer to All Hallow's Eve.

At the end of the top 10 list hit play on the video from YouTube Channel Holly's Lore that goes even deeper into all the urban legends and hauntings mentioned in the list. You'll definitely want to watch it.

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    The Blue Belle Saloon

    The Blue Belle Saloon is located in Guthrie, OK. This one should sound familiar as it's one of the most talked-about hauntings in this part of the state. The Blue Belle Saloon was just that a saloon and it was also a brothel back in the day. There are tons of stories that involve murder and all kinds of other bloody tales throughout its long history.  People have reported seeing the former Madame Lizzy along with ghostly apparitions of her working girls. Some were rumored to be murdered and even buried in or near the saloon. Not just ghosts, there are all kinds of unexplained noises, voices, and cries that are heard as well. Even objects are being moved about on their own according to those who have visited.

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    Camp Scott Girl Scout Massacre

    A truly tragic and terrifying story that isn't a myth, it actually happened and it remains a mystery to this day. Back in 1977 at Camp Scott in Locust Grove, OK. a group of Girl Scouts, three total were attacked and killed by a homicidal maniac. Prior to the murders camp counselors found a note that said three campers would be killed and warned that horrible things would occur once the camp was open for the season. This was found 2 weeks before the girls were attacked. The prime suspect of the murders was an escaped prisoner named Gene Leroy Hart who was hiding out in the woods and caves in the area. He was eventually arrested but found not guilty of the crime due to the lack of evidence at the scene. In later years DNA tests have been performed but all have been inconclusive. Those who enter the now-abandoned camp hear screams and report seeing the ghosts of the little girls.

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    The Purple Church

    You'll find it in Spencer, OK. the Purple Church is one spooky place. Those who have braved the trip and visited the location have reported seeing ghosts, hearing all kinds of crazy noises including animals. Some have been touched, grabbed, and even scratched by unseen forces. According to legend, the spot has been used for satanic rituals and witchcraft throughout the years. The entire place smells like death according to those who have been there. Paranormal investigators have even said they've seen robed figures and others have been chased away by unknown persons using the spot for rituals. It's not really a church, it's an old abandoned cellar that has been reportedly used for evil purposes. There have been numerous accounts of seeing dead animals all around it possibly used in sacrifices. The Purple Church has a truly terrifying feel to it and a long history of the paranormal.

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    The Skirvin Hotel

    It's been called the most haunted hotel in all of Oklahoma and ranks in the top 5 of the most haunted locations in the entire U.S. The Skirvin Hotel in OKC is a paranormal investigator's dream come true.Those who have stayed at the hotel tell stories of hearing strange noises and seeing objects move by themselves. Some have even said they saw a female ghost wandering the halls and heard slamming doors, glass breaking, and a woman and child crying. The story goes that Mr. Skirvin was inappropriately involved with a hotel maid who got pregnant. To avoid all the controversy since he was a married man he locked the maid named "Effie" in a room on the 10th floor. She was a prisoner even after her child was born and never allowed to leave the room she was locked in. The only means of escape Effie thought she had was to leap out of the 10th story window along with her baby, killing themselves. A tragic story, that turned into a ghost story.
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    The Hex House

    The famed Hex House is in Tulsa, OK. and while none of the original structure still stands the ground it once stood one is reportedly haunted. Nowadays it's a parking lot, maybe the only haunted parking lot in the U.S. Back in the 1940's a group of three women lived in a duplex that once stood there that became known as the Hex House. The story goes one of the women put a spell on the other two and made them live in the basement as prisoners while she lived upstairs in luxury. Eventually, the two women were rescued and told stories of how they were starved and beaten. Law enforcement found all kinds of witchcraft books along with other evidence that told a gruesome story. The house was torn down but the basement was covered up by the parking lot. People experience all kinds of weird phenomena while on the lot. Car lights going on and off, hearing muffled sounds from below the ground below and a feeling of dread and fright.

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    The Stone Lion Inn

    Guthrie, OK. makes the list again with the most haunted mansion in Oklahoma, the Stone Lion Inn. This scary story has ghosts, mummies, witchcraft, devil worshipers, and all kinds of nightmare fuel. It was originally built back in 1907 and at one time was used as a funeral home. Some of the stories revolve around the current owner Becky Luker who's been accused of doing witchcraft and performing satanic rituals at the local cemetery with guests who are staying at the Stone Lion Inn. One of the strangest stories is about a man named Elmer McCurdy who was turned into a mummy. He was put on display and people would pay to see his mummified corpse. It's a crazy story and one worth hearing, better yet experiencing. You can actually stay at the Inn it's a bed and breakfast. They even do murder mysteries!

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    The Shaman's Portal

    The Shaman's Portal is located in the Oklahoma panhandle in the Beaver Sand Dunes. It was once a state park and called the Oklahoma Bermuda Triangle. There are countless stories of people disappearing and never being heard from again. there are even stories of UFOs and alien lifeforms who have been seen in the area. If you're into aliens and all the Area 51 type stuff you have to check it out. As a matter of fact, there are even tales of the U.S. Military being seen and digging in the dunes. Some have said they were even escorted away from Beaver Sand Dunes by Military personnel. Along with all the alien reports, all kinds of strange if not unnatural events have occurred there. People have said they've seen green and blue lightning and unexplained temperature changes. Some say it was once a Native American burial ground and the spirits are protecting the site and warding off unwelcomed trespassers. The stories go on and on...

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    The Masonic Childern's Home

    Yep, it's another one in Guthrie, OK. which if you haven't figured it out yet could be called the most haunted town in Oklahoma. There are an endless amount of ghost stories and haunted locations in Guthrie including this one, the Masonic Children's Home. Today it's called the Dominion House a luxury hotel and getaway. It was originally built back in 1923 and up until the mid-1970s served as a children's home. There are stories of bodies being found on the property and of a headmistress who would do terrible things to the children who were living there. Another tale is of a maintenance man who hung himself inside. Those who have visited the location have reported hearing voices and seeing ghosts wander the hallways and rooms throughout the building. It's beautiful both inside and out but certainly has a creepy feel to it. Most people use it for weddings, receptions, and other events. It's a happy place now but its past was dark and horrible. Start the video around the 8:14 mark to hear the tales of the old Masonic Children's Home.

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    The Stikini

    If you've lived in Oklahoma for a while I'm sure you're all too familiar with the legend of the Stikini. The tale is of Native American origin. The Stikini are shapeshifters that transform into owl-like creatures at night. During the day they look like ordinary people but once it's dark out they can turn themselves into a hybrid of human and owl. They've been described as witch-like creatures, not fully human or owl when transformed. They prey on sleeping humans and eat their hearts. To change from human to Stikini they must vomit up and remove their internal organs and hide them somewhere in the woods, usually on or near a tree. After they feed they have to return to the woods, retrieve their organs and reinsert them in order to transform back into human form. The Stikini are one of the most terrifying Native American legends and the stuff of nightmares. If you're ever in the woods and see what appears to be a skinny witch-looking figure wandering through the trees run!

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    The Bird Creek School

    The Bird Creek School is located in Pawhuska, OK. It was built back in 1939 and was a small schoolhouse that served the small rural towns around it. Not much is known about the school or its students. The school closed sometime in the 1960s and was used as a community center for a while and was later abandoned. If you visit the school go inside and write your name on the chalkboard. Walkout and wait a while, then when you walk back in your name has been mysteriously erased from the board. The invisible hands, ghosts from prior students ease names and other messages that have been written on the board. Those who have gone to the school and tried it say the stories are true and their names were eased. It's a really creepy place and has a lot of great stories.

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