With recent reports of fake cash in Lawton, we want to make sure people know the basics of how identify fake money. Check out these 5 easy tips!

1.  Compare the suspected bill against bills you know are real.

2.  Hold the bill up to a flashlight and look for the US Treasury watermarks on the right-hand side. You should  see the face of the president for the corresponding bill amount.

3.  Look for other watermarks such as the ribbon that runs up and down the bill, this should match the amount of the printed bill.

4. Inspect the paper of the bill. Currency printed by the US Treasury has special blue and red fibers woven into the paper itself.

5. Look for special color shifting ink on the bill. When looking at a bill straight on you will see the ink is green however, when held at a 45 degree angle the ink will turn black.

If you suspect your bill is counterfeit, contact local police immediately.