This has to be the best Summer so far for new new music.  And I'm so grateful that I get to play these songs every morning.  I try desperately to get a girl in my top five list, but this time, I have to settle for a couple of girl duets. I do so love new music! So are you ready to see the list?



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    Whiskey and Rain

    Michael Ray

    This is my tip of the hat to super new music.  Michael Ray of 'The One That Got Away' fame has done it again with 'Whiskey and Rain'.  I think on this song, more that the lyrics, as you all know I love words, it's the music that hooked me first.  Great new music!

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    If I Didn't Love You

    Jason Aldean/Carrie Underwood

    When Jason Aldean announced that he had a surprise duet coming out on his new album, I was curious to say the least, and when I heard it was going to be Carrie Underwood, I was certainly surprised.  I was a bit concerned that Carrie's massive voice would over power Jason Aldean, and after all, it's his album! Boy, could I have been wronger? Is that even a word? This song is a perfect blend of two distinct voices.  Honestly, I can't think of anyone that could have done it better.  And, let's talk about the lyrics.  If you have ever loved someone that you just couldn't get over, then this song will really hit you in the feels.  Love the song, love the video.  This is a win/win for both Jason and Carrie!

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    Chasing After You

    Ryan Hurd/Maren Morris

    This is the second duet on my list this go round.  The song technically Ryan Hurd's song has been on the charts for some time and taking a bit of time climbing into the top 30.  I love that they are actually a couple and can really sing love songs from the heart when they are singing together.  I have been in situations where I really felt like I was just constantly chasing after the love that I thought I needed but mostly just wanted.  Time will help, but in the meantime...

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    Buy Dirt

    Jordan Davis/Luke Bryan

    Another duet, this time two dudes, and honestly, even thought I love Luke Bryan, Jordan David really didn't need him to give this song any edge.  The lyrics do it!  I don't think there can be any truer lyrics in country music, or advice for that matter.  Build a home with the one you love and all else will fall into place.  Doesn't matter the amount of money you make, because if you have these two things, everything else makes perfect sense.  Even ranch style beans are a fabulous meal when you have what you need. Great song, almost moved it to the top of my chart, but hold on another couple weeks, and it will be there!

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    To Be Loved By You

    Parker McCollum

    This song was the only one of this Top 5 list that remained from the last list.  I fell in love with it from the moment that I heard it and it's one that even if I just hear a few words, or musical notes, I immediately turn it up.  The lyrics are right on too.  Parker McCollum is the real deal.  I know this because even younger listeners are huge fans.  He has tons of music that was mostly on the Texas music radar.  My hope is that the last two hits that he's had on radio will allow him to create more music that's not pigeon holed by styles. Love, love this song! It's my new absolute favorite!

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