A lot of us only associate Thanksgiving with shoveling down food. Or maybe the start of Black Friday shopping before we've even had Thanksgiving. But don't forget about the whole 'being thankful' part. 

A recent survey asked people what they're most thankful for at work. Here are the top six responses.

Friendly co workers top the list. This is very important especially if you work in a small office. You need to rely on each other and when one or more is out, that is when you find out just how friendly your co workers really are!

Good benefits come in next. They can be a deal breaker when interviewing for a job. But they also can be the main reason people stay with the same employer year after year.

Easy commute. We are fortunate (in Lawton / Ft. Sill) that we do not have some of the monster commutes that other larger metropolitan areas. Having lived on the East coast for over twenty years, I became numb to the horrible commute to and from work daily. It could be 45 min to an hour easily. Now 20 minutes one way seems like nothing.

Being challenged. With any job comes challenges. Some are bigger than others and most companies will not give you more than you can handle. It (most of the time) is good to accept a good challenge and run with it to show supervisors and fellow co workers what you are capable of.

Having a good boss. Although this is close to the end of this list, it (in my personal opinion) is really important. A good boss can make the morale of the office be at an all time high and making for a great working environment or go the total opposite, with low morale and no one wants to be at work at all.

Flexible work hours. Here also is yet another reason people apply for and work for certain companies. The ability to have flexible hours and also to work from home (if need arises,) have become a big player in the job market lately.

All of these combined really do make me thankful for where I work. I hope that during this season of thanks, you can look at this list and see any or all of the reasons you are thankful for your job and where you work.