and have ranked cities based on job availability and opportunity.  Lawton turned up at number 6 on that list last week.

I think we are usually shocked when we turn up on a national list -- and it's for something good (hello teen pregnancy, STD's and more). It's worth the reminder if you live and work here -- and it's a great excuse to recruit people to our area.

Lawton's ranking is due to several factors. reports that Lawton is a cheaper-than-average place to live with lots of opportunities in a variety of industry.  We have a city that has lots of industrial opportunities, healthcare jobs and, of course, military and contracting.

Lawton has a job growth of 85% -- which means we're looking to grow for years to come!

So, if we are so great . . . who beat us?

Champaign, Il was at number five due to their tech boom.  Des Moines, IA is a cheap place to live with cost of living 20% under average.  Manchester, NH is big with healthcare and the number one spot went to Cheyenne, WY with an unemployment rate of under 4.2%.  Of course -- you would have to live in remote WY or snowy NH to take advantage of the top two spots.

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