For 22 years, Janice Sullivan, worked at the local St. Petersburg, Fa., Walmart greeting customers only to get fired one day for ‘grabbing’ a rude customer.

Sullivan, 73, said that for the past 22 years Walmart and its employees were her family since she doesn’t have a real family of her own.

But last year on Black Friday, a quick decision in a risky situation has left her today without a home, a job, and money. On the busy evening Sullivan was instructed to guard the door and not let anyone exit the store from there.

However, an angry customer tried to exit and the two got in an argument. Sullivan said she simply asked the customer to exit from a different door, whenever, the customer pushed her out of her way and Sullivan grabbed the customer's arm to prevent from falling over!

“She said, ‘no, I’m going out’ and she just gave me a big push,” Sullivan recalled the accident to the local TV channel WFTS.

Three days later, Sullivan was fired from the job she loved for 22 years. But her nightmare didn’t stop there. She hasn’t been able to collect unemployment help, since the state regards her firing as ‘misconduct.’

So to survive, Sullivan had to sell her home and max out her credit cards. Walmart issued a statement regarding the incident that read: “Based on the information we have, the situation led to a bad experience for our customer and it could have been avoided. We had to make a tough decision – one that we don’t take lightly,” according to ABC News.

Currently one of her neighbors is helping Sullivan raise money to hire a lawyer and fight her case.

Do you think Sullivan was at fault in this case?