Meet Ryan Parsons. Judging by his metal detectors, he's a little bit of a treasure hunter. Like any other good boyfriend, he decided to take his lady friend Lisa on her first hunting experience. It's important to share your interests and hobbies, and yes, it's OK if the other doesn't enjoy what you're into... But Ryan had something up his sleeve to make her first time treasure hunting something to remember forever.

CAUTION: Spoilers below... It's really better to watch the video and discover this with them.

In the woods, Ryan and Lisa come across and dig up a little treasure box. It has an old date on the lid and a couple of bible passages inscribed on it. As they proceed to deduct the mysteries written across the lid, they open the delicate box, Ryan pulls a fast one on Lisa... He created this box. He then buried it in this field. He took Lisa with him to discover it, then, as he pulled a ring out of the box, used this entire story as the most wholesome marriage proposal ever. Ryan has majorly upped the game for every single guy out there...

What's even more wholesome, is his YouTube channel has two videos. What you see above, and a random VLOG type of video. He literally created a channel to share his excitement with the world. If that's not wholesome, I don't know what is.


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