Have you done this?  You're upstairs either putting away laundry or, in my case, watching something besides "Gold Rush" on television and you text your spouse?  David hates when I do that but did you know that roughly 45% admit that they use technology to communicate with someone in the next room of their own home. 

Woman Texting

My niece will text her Mother to bring her something to eat while she is downstairs in the family room watching a movie. Seriously?

Mobile phones are 'supposed' to help us keep in touch while we are away from home.  But nearly half of us now use phones to communicate with friends and family in the same house or even at the same table!  I don't know how many times I have gone out to lunch or dinner and observe almost everyone at the table with their heads down texting or checking their Facebook (and yes, I'm guilty as well).

The poll of 2,500 adults found that twice as many people said that the item they would least like to lose was their smartphone than their wedding or engagement ring!  Again I say "Seriously?"

Are you guilty of texting someone in the same house?  Do your children text you from their bedrooms?


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