The last two times I was involved in an accident the person who hit me was either on their phone or texting. Luckily for me they were both low speed collisions and one was in a parking lot. It's estimated that texting and driving or mobile phone use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel. What's crazy is more than half the people on the road I see are either on their phones or texting! After getting hit a few times, it really pisses me off!

This clever ad reminds people of the dangers of texting and driving. The commercial aired in a movie theater and while it was running a text was sent out to the crowd, once they picked up their phones to reply what they saw on screen changed. This interactive ad should be show everywhere! It's really effective and clearly shows what happens when you're distracted while driving. For your safety and the safety of your fellow motor enthusiasts please don't text and drive! Watch the video below, it makes the point better than anything else I've seen.

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