Just when you thought convenience and awesomeness couldn't possibly get any better that what it currently is, behold the meat vending machine! This marvelous breakthrough is beyond genius and it's definitely next level epic! Last week I shared the incredible news of an amazing discovery that's sure to change the course of mankind. We now have pizza vending machines, well they do in Canada anyway. Pretty sure those will end up here in the US as well, or at least I'm hoping so. We should have a pizza vending machine on every street corner in Lawton, Fort Sill.

I thought it couldn't get any better than the pizza vending machine, then I stumbled upon this little gem. While browsing the inter-webs I saw a video that said meat vending machine and couldn't believe what i was reading, I immediately hit play. I can't believe no one thought of doing this before now, but in desperate and difficult times some of mans greatest accomplishments have materialized out of necessity and this is certainly listed among them.

The "Meat Machine" as it's lovingly referred too is located in Rochester, New York at McCann's Local Meats. New York has been hit the hardest with the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are just now starting to open back up and people are starting to return to work. With all the CDC guidelines and protocols that must be followed McCann's found an inventive way to assist their customers and reduce possible virus exposure by creating the "Meat Machine."

This is one of mankind's greatest accomplishments and we can all thank McCann's Local Meats for this wonderful invention. The best part is it's open 24/7 and you can get fresh meat anytime day or night. So that 3:00am hankering for a t-bone with eggs is just a few button pushes away. I hope this catches on and we start seeing these here in Lawton. It's the ultimate in cold cut and fresh meat convenience that every city needs.

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