I thought 2020 was going to be about me.  I have been planning a wedding to the man of my dreams since last Fall, and to say that the Coronavirus COVID-19 has put a monkey wrench in the planning is NO exaggeration!


I started by ordering dresses for all of my little attendants.  My fiance and I each have 4 Grand Children, and decided that we would use them as our attendants rather than friends, so we wanted to get them all matching dresses and shirts.  I ordered dresses in sizes that I thought would work and had my girls try them on.  Sizes too big for the little girls, so no problem, I'll just re order.  I needed to have one grand daughter try on a dress, but they live in Edmond, OK. So they have been locked down for months and can't get it fitted. So I ordered 2 different sizes for her just in case.


And then there is my venue.  I was super excited to plan a small, quick, outdoor wedding in early Fall.  We chose the date October 10, because it would just be impossible for either of us to forget the date 10-10-2020! We worried about whether the Pavilion in Elmer Thomas Park would be finished in time.  I had my heart set on that location.  I looks like it will be finished, but, (here's the latest monkey wrench), it is part of the City of Lawton, and thus falls into social distancing guidelines when it comes to assembly permits.  I now have to complete a plan for social distancing and limit the number of people that are able to attend. By about two thirds.


And, the reception.  It was going to be a super quick, super cute donut cake.  I ordered a nice wooden stand for the donuts to be displayed on and glass containers for water and juice.  Well, that can't happen either.  Now, I must serve only pre-packaged food and drinks.


I know others have rescheduled weddings due to the pandemic.  I will carry on.  We will get married in October.  I'm just not sure of exactly what this type of wedding is going to look like, or if I will like it!

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