The 81st annual Lawton Rangers Rodeo is in the books.  The rodeo action was incredible, with record setting scores from the cowboys and cowgirls.  This year, there was an added attraction each night as the wranglers from Slash-O  Ranch drove a herd of 25 Longhorn cattle into the arena each night for the playing of the national anthem.  It was a sight to behold, as our Nation's flag was surrounded by these majestic animals.

They even drove them down C and D Avenues as part of the Saturday morning Lawton Rangers Rodeo parade.  Take a look at the video!

Now, this is where it gets interesting!  The parade had to stop as introductions were being made about a block up the street.  The Longhorns were very good, until one of them caught their reflection in the windows of Insight Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, and the Leslie Powell Gallery on D Ave.  First one, then another of the Longhorns climbed the curb to inspect the reflections that looked strangely like them! The nose prints on the windows are still there!  Finally the cowboys wrangled them off the sidewalk and back to the parade route.

I may never again see a sight like this!  Thank you Lawton Rangers and Slash-O for a once in a lifetime experience!

Longhorn see reflection

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