No, I don't go to school.   So why did I take a Spring Break vacation?  Pretty simple really, I needed it, and it fit the calendar!  Really, I was very lucky to get invited by my Sister to go to the largest rodeo in the world, The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for on of the final performances for the 2012 show.  Wow!  That's all I can say.  So many people in one place!  Plus, a  wonderful rodeo.  We got to see some local cowboys too.  Hunter Herrin from the Apache area was roping/riding for the $50,000 prize!

I also got to spend a few days at her Beach House on Crystal Beach in Galveston Texas.  We had pretty good weather for the first day and a half  too.  Then the weather changed into storms, and we spend a whole day wrapped in blankets watching movies and reading.  We probably needed that more than the beach!

Drove home on Wednesday, then Thursday and Friday I did yard work.  Saturday the Stoney Larue concert and Sunday Play Day and Practice at the Lawton Speedway.

Here are some of my pictures from Spring Break:

How did you spend Spring Break Week?