Last week the Mega Millions lottery reached the 11th highest jackpot in the lottery's history, and was won by a single ticket holder in Arizona. Over $410 million dollars. Now, if that doesn't get you to daydream, I don't know what will!

I have played the lottery a few times.  When Oklahoma first got the lottery, I played with a certain set of numbers, like birthdays or special occasion dates, but never won more than the $2 that I had used to enter with.  I've played a few times when the lottery got over a couple hundred million thinking well, someone has to win, why couldn't it be me. The truth is, I could play the lottery when the winning is only One Million dollars and be perfectly happy.  I could pay every bill I owe, plan for retirement and stow away a huge chunk of savings and still have some mad money left over!  Despite what my fiance might think, I don't really need to spend money.  But let your mind wander...What would you do with if you won the lottery?  I asked the question at the radio station and got some interesting answers:

What is the very first thing you would buy? A month long vacation ***The first thing I'd buy... a Congressman! *** I would pay off my house & car, and any other bills.

The most expensive?
House by the Beach

And after all of the excitement settles down, do you think your spending habits would change?  Would your spend more, or less than you do now?
Probably somewhat more, but still would not spend on designer clothes or purses or shoes...that wouldn't change. ***I think my spending habits might increase in the beginning taking care of home projects and maybe a little bit of fun here and there.  I would definitely settle down and invest some money for the future and have a healthy savings account.

By the way, tonight's drawing is a measly $22 million...maybe I'll stop on my way home.

Jeri Anderson
Jeri Anderson


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