It wasn't until this morning when I went online to see when the first preseason football game was  being played that all the pieces fit into place:  my husband is happy this week because football starts THIS WEEK.

Last night, he was so caring and considerate and helpful.  Not that he isn't the 6 months of football season but he gets a lot happier in those last few weeks before the true love of his life returns.  I will admit I've never been passionate about the game, but I'll watch and enjoy with him . . . to a point.  Whenever he leaves his chair and just stands three feet away from the screen in tense anticipation -- that's when I jump ship.

So, not to be a typical football widow or anything, but if you are finding some time alone and want some great ideas on how to not just sit around and wait till the game is over . . . try some of the suggestions below.  It's a long six months and while he (or she) is enjoying his (or her) passion, you might just find one of your own:

  1. Explore the Wichita Mountains. Get a bike group together (either kind is fine) or a hiking group and start exploring the natural beauty we have in our own backyard.  Want to know more?
  2. Museum of the Great Plains is a great Sunday afternoon thing to do.  They are making some renovations and won't be open till mid October, but the season is long, right?
  3. Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center will give you a better understanding of the local history, culture and the continuing journey of the Comanche Nation.
  4. Go to the LAKE!  Yeah, we have those again and it could make a bunch of fun outings with friends and kids!
    1. Lake Ellsworth is the largest with 5,600 acres and 41 RV campsites
    2. Lake Lawtonka boasts 82 RV campsites around its 2,398 acres
    3. LETRA or Lake Elmer Thomas Recreation Area on Fort Sill is a no wake lake that provides a sandy beach swimming area, double flume water slide, miniature golf and paddle boat rentals
    4. Lake Helen in Elmer Thomas Park offers easy access to fishing with ample playground space in a beautiful park setting.
    5. Lake Lawtonka holds the state record for the largest smallmouth bass caught. Click here to view the article.
  5. Want to see more?  Check out the Chamber of Commerce website.