While perusing my Facebook News Feed I stumbled upon a link one of my friends posted. It was a blog titled "Why I'm Getting A Divorce In 2014." At first glace, I thought it would be a heart-felt entry of a person's account on their marriage and how it crumbled with tips and advice for other couples to not let it fall. As a newly married man I find myself paying more attention to divorce stories so I can not only better myself, but assure my marriage will last as long as intended when me and my wife exchanged vows and said 'I Do."

However, upon reading the blog I discovered that it was not talking about the separation of a husband and wife, but rather technology. As smart phones and other devices have begun to slowly take over our free time in terms of work and play.

As I read the blog written by Jarrid Wilson he states that such devices should be treated as an accessory rather than a priority. These devices have evolved in the years that allow us to consume news content, check out the latest viral video, catch up on a television show, surf the web, pay our bills and play games.

Wilson states in his blog:  "...we’re all married to our phones in one way or another." 

I for one am not attached to any smart devices, in fact I don't actually have a smart device at all. In my Basic TV Production class last semester, my professor did a quick survey of how many students owned smart phones or devices of any kind. Only myself and another student had no such device, which we dubbed 'dumb phones."

Now my wife, Maria, harbors an open affair with her iPod. She also has a 'dumb phone' and if she had it her way she would not have a phone period. My wife does everything on her iPod, surf the web, track her work-out schedule and watch a TV show when I have taken over the living room with the latest video game.

Despite her relationship with the technological lover, she knows when to put it down. When we go out on dates her iPod is either at home or in her purse. When we have house guests over, the square shaped mister is nowhere to be found.

During my time at Cameron, some of my fellow peers were glued to this devices, taking notes on them, making reminders, homework schedules, carrying conversations and emailing professors about lectures and assignments. Even walking the halls of the many buildings you see students texting away or looking up information for an upcoming exam, all glued to the tiny little screen in their palms. You couldn't carry a conversation without someone having their phone in their hands only half paying attention to the discussion.

I couldn't tell you how many times I found it rude when fellow students would dig out their phone and start browsing away in the middle of conversation and having to repeat what was just said, because they were enthralled with the latest episode of Family Guy, The Walking Dead or the play by play stats of either the OU or OSU game.

I just wanted to share this story to say put down your phone while out with friends or significant other and enjoy a meal, a day, an evening and just talk and have a good time to those you care about. This is life and we should make connections and memories, not gigabytes and hashtags. As Wilson says in his blog, It's time to file for Divorce with our smartphones and devices and get back on track with life, before we become blurred into the screen on our hands and separated from life

Here is a link to the blog "Why I'm Getting A Divorce In 2014truly a great read and I highly recommend it for those that wish to pry themselves away from their smart devices and make more time with family and friends.

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