Full disclosure, never have I ever spent a night in jail. I know a person or two who has but that's about as close as I've come. Still, I expect it's not quite the same as spending a night or two in a nice vacation getaway hotel.

That made it all the more surprising when a woman who had recently spent a few night in jail in Langford, a city on the southern end of Vancouver Island, sent them a 'Thank You' note and a four and a half star rating.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police wouldn't say why the woman had been in their custody, only that she'd spent 'a number of days' with them.

According to CTV News the RCMP detachment received a hand-made card from the woman after her departure which read in part, "I was nervous about staying with you guys during my trip to the island, but I wanted to let you know that I appreciated how helpful and kind everyone was."

The sender added that she had a special gratitude for the four “jailors who do a tough job and are often under appreciated (sic) by the people in their care.”

The front of the card said, "If, for some reason, our airplane was experiencing problems, I would help you with your oxygen mask before adjusting mine." That's powerful praise!

A spokesman for the RCMP said that they could not recall ever getting a card like this from one of their ... guests ... before and that they were impressed with the amount of of work that the woman had put into it. They were especially appreciative of the 4 1/2 star rating they received.

You can see photos of the card on the CTV News website.

There are some hotels you can't wait to visit again but I'm pretty sure this was a one time thing. It sounds like whatever this woman had done to warrant her visit, she's learned her lesson and won't be doing it again.

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